FBI monitoring fire investigation in Lackawanna

Lackawanna, NY (WKBW) – Several agencies, including the Lackawanna Police Department, are investigating a fire that displaced four families this past weekend. The fire is believed to be suspicious and may have been set intentionally.

The fire burned a home on Ingham Street, Saturday morning. The four families who lived there are Muslim.

Several people suffered from smoke inhalation and injuries from jumping out a second story window. Police are investigating to see if the fire was intentionally set.

The FBI is monitoring the investigation in case the fire turns out to be a hate crime.

The founder of Western New York Muslims is praising police for their work, and says it’s vital to see how and why this fire started.

It could be a tactic. It could be mischief. But, it is the thinking behind that. We have to say who would do that, why would they would do that and why would they target such a place, said Faizan Haq.

The Erie County Sheriff’s office is helping with the investigation. They hope to know by the end of the week whether or not this was arson.

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