Anti-Muslim flyer taped to UNC Charlotte student’s door


HARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – A flyer with a derogatory message towards Muslims was posted on a student’s door inside a residence hall at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, the school confirmed Thursday.

According to UNC Charlotte’s Associate Director for Media Relations Buffie Stephens, the anti-Muslim flyer was posted on a suite door inside the Wallis Hall dorm on Sunday.

Stephens said the school’s staff went into immediate motion once they were notified of the flyer. Stephens believes the staff was made aware of the flyer through posts on social media.

WBTV received a picture copy Thursday of the flyer that was posted on the student’s door. School officials have confirmed that the picture is a copy of the original flyer, but the student who posted the photo on social media has asked to remain anonymous.

No one in the suite appeared to be a target, according to Stephens.

As of Thursday evening, the staff does not know who posted the flyer.

Nidia Bermudez, a UNC Charlotte student, said she saw the photo of the flyer on Facebook earlier in the week. It left her in disbelief.

“Why? What causes someone to hate a group of people so much?” questioned Bermudez.“Whoever done it should really think about the impact it has on the people it was targeting.”

While Bermudez frowns on this insensitive flyer and the person who made it, she doesn’t think the incident should cast a negative light on the university she’s grown to love.

“I don’t think that just this one instance generalizes the campus as a whole,” the UNC Charlotte senior said. “I love this campus and nothing like this I’ve ever experienced before.”

The school said this an active investigation.

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