Anti-Muslim ‘Death Threats’ Force Galveston Restaurant To Shutter


A few months after racist vandals attacked his restaurant, ZaZa Bar & Bites owner Asad Khan is being forced to close up shop.

In December of last year, Khan’s business was targeted twice in one week by vandals who smeared bacon grease all over the door handles of the restaurant, along with actual bacon left on the front of the store. In the following months, Khan says that the harassment has only increased, meaning that he has been subjected to threatening phone calls and anti-Muslim slurs. Ultimately, that led to his decision to ultimately close the restaurant, reports the Houston Chronicle.

“I opened ZaZa (as) a happy little fun project; this was supposed to be fun and love. Never did I think that people in Galveston are so closed-minded,” Khan told the Chron. “People want me dead because of me being a Muslim. I am honestly sick to my stomach. And frankly, fearful.”

ZaZa Bar & Bites has officially closed its doors, with no plans to return to the dining scene in Galveston in the future.

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