Anti-Muslim protest planned for Calgary on Sunday


An anti-Muslim protest, that has been denied a permit, will be taking place this weekend in Calgary.

There was a lot of tension when members of Calgary’s Islamic community faced off with the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam a few weeks ago at City Hall.

Saima Jamal attended that rally and said the interaction was disturbing to watch.

“Insults on the Prophet Muhammad, I heard insults on God, I heard insults on everything Muslim and Islam and refugees, things that I hold dear to my heart.”

The group had planned to hold its rally on Saturday, but the city wouldn’t approve its application for a permit. It now plans to demonstrate on Sunday at Olympic Plaza, without a permit.

Calgary police are preparing for the worst to come out of the rally.

“We are confident we have the right resources dedicated to these events to be ready to respond to anything that happens and anyone at the events who becomes violent or breaks the law,” said Superintendent Cliff O’Brien with the CPS.

Jamal, who is organizing the permit-approved anti-racism rally at City Hall on Saturday, has met with police about security and is happy with the results of discussions.

“They are fully prepared to make sure nothing unsafe is happening and they told me they have lines of communication open with both sides.”

Police say anyone who goes downtown has the right to feel safe and assures everyone that that will be the case.


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