Anti-hate crime push after 3 somali women were verbally assaulted in Fargo


BISMARCK, N.D. – The nation was watching North Dakota the day a parking lot altercation went viral.

“Why are you in our country anyway?? Why are you in our country anyway??” screamed a white woman as cell phone cameras rolled.

“We’re gonna kill all you F-ing Muslims” she spat.

It happened in July, at a Fargo Walmart Parking lot.

“I’m going to show it to the police, I’m going to show it to the police” said one of the young Somali girls filming.

“The police don’t care” answered the woman.

Turns out, the Fargo police department did care. They staged a meeting for parties involved, which resulted in hugs, and a photo-op a few days later.

Now, a group called “North Dakota United against Hate” is pushing for comprehensive Anti-hate crime legislation, to protect victims.

“We look for solutions, so we came together and decided this is something we can do, and we can help our community,” said Hukun Abdullahi, a member of the organization
North Dakota United Against Hate.

But some lawmakers aren’t banking anti-hate crime legislation making it past the house floor.

“Hate crime legislation kind of exacerbates the problem, because it sets people apart from other people, and I think, you don’t change the hearts of men with legislation” said Republican Senator Dick Dever.

But human rights groups are hoping to do just that.

“We are doing this to show the entire nation that north Dakota is a diverse state, and that it’s a welcoming state for everybody, not just certain people” said Abdullahi.

Still, it’s looking like it will be an uphill legislative battle.

“Hate crime legislation is about white people being accepting of other races. But in the process, white people are being discriminated against too” said Dever.

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