Islamophobic CCM professor needs to be fired immediately

59f929bc2887b.imageClifford Adams, a CCM professor and musician, made unprofessional and Islamophobic remarks to one of his students in an online class discussion board this week. His comments were full of inaccurate lies about Islam and Muslim culture, as well as language against the students that he is getting paid to educate — not degrade.

The class assignment submission included a review of the Thirty Seconds to Mars song, “Walk on Water,” by a Muslim UC student who claimed that in the midst of a hate-enabling presidential administration, the song she was assigned to react to gave her hope.

“This song restores my faith in America by depicting what America is really about and why we celebrate July 4th. It includes a diverse range of people from white, black, young, old, straight and gay all coming together to celebrate the birth of a country that is built off the idea of freedom,” read the post from the unidentified student.

As a Muslim student, the fact that UC needs to take so much time to investigate the situation is confusing and concerning. UC spokesman Greg Vehr released a statement signaling UC’s patience with the racist professor in response to the event.

“The University of Cincinnati takes seriously all concerns for discriminatory or harassing conduct occurring within its community and pursuant to its policies, will conduct an appropriate review,” UC spokesman Greg Vehr said.

There is no need to “conduct an appropriate review” if our university is going to actually make the commitment to diversity and inclusion. The evidence is concrete and it is undeniable. The entire statement by Adams was full of unprofessional and inappropriate remarks that professors who have respect for their jobs should keep to themselves. On the discussion board, Adams responded to the student by saying, “The U.S. President’s first sworn duty is to protect America from enemies, and the greatest threat to our freedom is not the President, it is radical Islam. Review this list of Islamic terrorist attacks and then tell me about your hurt feelings.”

This argument is exhausting and I’m tired of it. What about Las Vegas? We have yet to call the evil human being who destroyed hundreds of lives a terrorist, and we continue to give violent white Americans a pass yet again.

In yet another sign of ignorance, Adams said, “Now, about Muslim females. As you well know, young Muslim women are murdered by their father or a brother for dating — or for holding hands with — a non-Muslim boy.”

The Quran specifically states, “There is no Obligation in religion” – Quran 2:256. This means that one can choose to be Muslim or choose not to, and that Islam only provides rules for those who elect to follow them. If there’s no obligation in religion, according to Islam, why would it be the standard of Islam to kill non-Muslims or Muslims that choose to date non-Muslims? My sisters have only dated non-Muslim boys, and neither myself nor my father have murdered them.

Adams managed to include sexism in his Islamophobic statement.

“Muslim females are safer in America than in any Middle Eastern country. How dare you complain while enjoying our protection! And just FYI: July 4th is not the day we tape a sign to a damn stick and go out and march with smug college brats and dysphoric drama queens, it is a federal holiday commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence … I am glad you took my class; you really do need to shut up, listen, and learn. Welcome to America, and welcome to college.”

Adams silences the voice of the female student and, speaking from a position of male privilege, insists that American women enjoy total comfort and dismisses the fact that they are oppressed.

Mr. Adams, you need to apologize for your disrespect and hate. UC, you need to get rid of this man. He does not reflect the values of UC and is clearly unfit to be an educator.

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