Sweden mosque vandalised with Swastika


STOCKHOLM (AA): A mosque in Sweden was vandalized Sunday when unknown attackers painted a swastika on one of its doors, according to a Muslim body head.

The Al-Huda Islamic Cultural Center’s mosque that came under attack is in Flen town of Sodermanland district.

Sweden Islamic Federation President Tahir Akan told Anadolu Agency the Muslim community was sad after the attack on their mosque.

Police informed us about the attack, Akan said.

”Police have launched a large-scale search. Developments are being reported to us. They are checking the cameras. I hope those who did this would be caught soon. ”

The Flen mosque — bought by the Al-Huda Islamic Cultural Center — used to be a church; it was converted into a mosque in 2012.

Flen Mosque’s keeper Abdi Osman Abukar told Swedish media the mosque had been attacked four times between 2012 and 2014.

Attacks on mosques have taken place in other parts of Sweden in the past. In November 2016, vandals broke into a Stockholm mosque and spray-painted Nazi swastikas and messages of hate on its walls.

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