Man accused of launching anti-Muslim tirade, fatally stabbing 2 claims he was ‘barely conscious’ due to sangria


A man accused of shouting anti-Muslim hate speech before he stabbed three men on a light-rail train in Oregon claimed he was “barely conscious” during the attack due to sangria and marijuana, according to psychological evaluation unsealed Friday.

Passengers confronted Jeremy Christian, 35, after he made anti-Muslim comments to two teenage girls on a train in Portland on May 26, a homicide detective testified.

Taliesin Namkai-Meche, 23, and Ricky Best, 53, were fatally stabbed in the incident. A third victim, Micah Fletcher, survived a serious neck wound.

The question of whether Christian was harassing the girls or had been motivated by racial bias before the attack could serve as a pivotal point in the case.

In April, Christian was photographed giving a Nazi salute at a free speech march, Portland Mercury reports.

Christian also supported creating a “White homeland,” on Facebook, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

However, a psychological evaluation ordered by the defense lawyer denied that Christian held any racist or white supremacist views, saying instead that he saw himself as a “provocateur” who touted free speech.

Christian denied speaking to the two girls and claims he told a male passenger who shook his head, “You don’t like free speech? Move to Saudi Arabia and see how that works — get your head cut off!” before going on to rant about circumcision, according to the report.

Christian’s “survival responses” from his time in prison on previous robbery and gun charges were triggered when the men confronted him on the train, according to psychologist Mark Cunningham.

Christian also said he was “buzzed,” on “auto-pilot” and “barely conscious” of his actions until he heard people yelling, “He’s stabbing them!”

The report also says Christian has a “hoarding disorder,” believes in alien visitations, and dreamed of moving to Brazil to live with an aboriginal tribe on the Amazon.


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