Three members of anti-Muslim militia group ask a judge if Trump supporters can be on their jury

Three Kansas men charged with plotting to blow up a Mosque and apartments full of Muslims a day after the 2016 presidential election have asked a judge to fill their jury with Trump supporters.

Attorneys for Curtis Allen, 49, Gavin Wright, 49, and Patrick Eugene Stein, 47, asked a federal judge to ensure that the panel include individuals who ‘overwhelmingly’ voted for the president, according to The Washington Post.

Their lawyers argued that doing so would mean the people deciding their fate represent a ‘fair cross-section of the community.’

The three men, who label themselves ‘The Crusaders,’ have continually expressed their hatred for Muslims, Somalis and immigrants.

Their extremist militia group is staunchly anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, and anti-government.

Official documents filed last week show attorneys for the men claim the court is discriminating against their clients.

‘A political difference between the two parties also extends to their respective ideologies regarding the appropriate size and power of the federal government and the individual rights of its citizens,’ they wrote.

‘This case is uniquely political because much of the anticipated evidence will center on, and was in reaction to, the 2016 Presidential election.’

‘Additionally, this case will require the jury to evaluate and weigh evidence regarding whether the alleged conduct constitutes the crimes charged or whether it was constitutionality protected speech, assembly and petition, and/or the right to bear arms.’

The three men in question were charged in October 2016 with conspiring to bomb a mosque and an apartment complex in Garden City, Kansas that was inundated with Muslim immigrants from Somalia.

Stein allegedly said he wanted to ‘wake people up’ and that the country could only be turned around with ‘a bloodbath.’

At the time of their arrest in 2016 acting U.S Attorney Tom Beall said the men were arrested at the end of an eight-month FBI investigation that saw agents go, ‘deep into a hidden culture of hatred and violence’.

‘The criminal complaint alleges that the men conducted surveillance, stockpiled firearms, ammunition and explosive components, and planned to issue a manifesto in conjunction with the planned bombing.

The attack, the defendants said, would be intended to ‘wake people up’,’ the statement read.

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