Police investigating hate crime after ‘hateful remarks’ spray painted on Brantford Mosque

Police are searching for two suspects after “hateful remarks and symbols” were spray painted on the walls and parking lot of the Brantford Mosque.

Investigators are describing the incident as a hate crime and say the painted words targeted Muslims.

“These messages were very hurtful to see because it was against our faith, our prophet, it was against us and our existence,” says Naser Hamed, vice president of the Muslim Association of Brantford.

Two suspects, who appear to be young males, arrived at the mosque on Greenwich Street around 2:20 a.m. on Oct. 21, according to police.

They’re described as slim and standing average height. Police say both were wearing long pants and hoodies, one of which had a bull head on the front.

Hamed says police have increased security at the Mosque since the incident.

Police say they’re taking the incident “very seriously” and are asking anyone with information to contact them.

Community response
Hamed says that as horrible as the incident is for the Muslim community, there is a bright side to it. “It is a joy to see the response of the community abroad. The reaction of the community was overwhelming, supporting, loving.”

Hamed says there have been offers to raise funds to buy paint and have students help with repainting the vandalized walls.

This is not the first time something like this has happened says Hamed. “Every time we are in the news then we get these graffiti hate messages, it has happened before.” Hamed says the Muslim community’s response is to do more outreach.

This time around there will be a special service held on Friday to which community supporters will be attending as an act of solidarity.

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