Queensland LNP candidate admits to online anti-Muslim tirade

90d06b3b13b3b137019083b9971e1281LNP candidate for Herbert Phillip Thompson has come clean and expressed his shame for writing social media posts in 2012 that implied he would shoot Muslims.

The 2018 Queensland Young Australian of the Year was an ex-serviceman who was discharged due to physical injuries and mental health issues the same year he made the controversial comments.

According to News Corp, the posts on Mr Thompson’s private Facebook account were in response to violent protests in Sydney triggered by a US film, Innocence of Muslims, which portrayed the prophet Muhammad as a womaniser and a paedophile.

The posts included the lines “…a sign said behead all those who insult the profit (sic) i know what im (sic) doing this week getting my GUN licence”, followed by “give me a M4 and send to Sydney and I’ll do the dishes”.

Returning from the Christmas break after reflecting on his past has led him to address the posts online the Townsville man said he was “extremely embarrassed about”.

“My wife and I, we reviewed and looked back at where I came…the dark depths of ill mental health and my post traumatic stress disorder and we discussed some comments that I made and the people of Townsville deserve to know who they’re voting for,” he said.

“They deserve to know the warts and all, I’m not hiding, it was never a secret and we both thought deserved the people of Townsville deserve to know the dark place I was in and that’s definitely not who I am.”

“I’m very apologetic for any distress I may have caused with my comments.”

Mr Thompson said he was discharged in the middle of 2012 due to his physical injuries sustained in Afghanistan and mental health issues.

“I’ve made mistakes like many other people have and I want to represent the good people of Townsville and to do that I need to be honest and open with them,” he said.

He claims there was no investigation towards him in the midst of making the controversial comments during that year.

Mr Thompson urged any soldiers who experienced ill thoughts about others needed to speak freely with Open Arms or their close friends and to avoid social media.

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