Woman filmed launching into racist tirade against Muslim woman: ‘Get the f*** back to your country’

A Muslim woman outside a Texas supermarket was told to ‘get the f**k’ back’ to her country by customer in the parking area.

Mai Mohamed’s friend Fatima Loughlin-Saleh uploaded a video of the racist incident on her Facebook page. Mohamed, who is Egyptian and a teacher in America, had been filling up her water bottle outside of a Kroger shop when she came across a woman who appeared to have a problem with her hijab.

The woman began her racist attack by calling Mohamed “ugly,” and it quickly escalated. The woman is videoed showing her middle finger to Mohamed, and proceeded to scream expletives, and told her to “go back to your f**king country.”

When she told the woman she intended to share the video on social media, the woman continued her expletive-filled rant.

Following the confrontation, which ended with the unnamed woman walking away as she continued to shout, Mohamed took her camera to the Kroger employee standing outside. The only response she received from him, was the following: ‘You need to get the camera off. You can’t use that on the web,” he said.

Speaking to indy100, Mai’s friend Fatima said: “Mai is fine but does not plan to go shopping alone [in the] near future.”

Mohamed spoke with managers at the store, went to the police and is working with a civil rights attorney Arsalan Safiullah to find out if the incident is considered a hate crime.


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