Latest breaking news on Islamophobia

The most important news about Islamophobia in the world.

Macron warning on stigmatising Muslims amid France veil row

French President Emmanuel Macron has warned against “stigmatising” Muslims or linking the Islamic religion with the fight against terrorism.

Protect the religious rights of Muslims. They are your rights, too.

We should care about constitutional rights for all, says lawyer and religious freedom scholar Asma T. Uddin. If they are denied for some, history demonstrates how they may be at risk for us all.

Condemnations grow as Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque stormed by Jewish settlers

Amid increasing violent attacks on the Al-Aqsa Mosque by Jewish settlers, Muslim NGOs have urged the international community to protect the status of the Muslim holy site

Man charged with hate crimes in attack on women wearing Muslim headscarves

A man who is accused of roughing up three women who were wearing Muslim headscarves in Little Italy pleaded not guilty to hate crimes Monday.

Amid Surging Cases of Hate Crimes in Britain, Muslims and Jews Most Targeted

While the majority of hate crimes recorded by police forces in England and Wales were racial in nature (78,991), religious hate crimes also marked an increased over the past year.

Media and Islamophobia

The rise of Islamophobia has become a great threat and a major challenge for the world today. One must not forget that 9/11 added fuel to the fire in spreading the fear of Islamic extremism in the hearts of all non-Muslim communities.

42% of US employees have experienced or seen racism at work. It’s the latest example of how diversity efforts are falling short, especially in America

A new survey from job site Glassdoor found large portions of the American workforce experience discrimination at work. About 3 in 5 workers experienced discrimination based on their age, race, gender or LGBTQ identity.

Turkey joining EU ‘antidote’ to Islamophobia: Diplomat 

Rising radicalism and Islamophobia in Europe could be eradicated by Turkey’s membership in union, says top Turkish diplomat

New Guide Helps Muslims Who Experience Bullying

The guide gives recommendations on how to tackle prejudice and bullying stemming from Islamophobia.

Researching Islamophobia within the airline industry

Elon senior examines the effects of Islamophobia in the airline industry for multifaith scholars program

Islamic Relief UK launches videogame to tackle ‘scepticism of aid and Islamophobia

Islamic Relief UK has launched a videogame with Ultimatum Games. It aims to teach young people how international aid works and to tackle negative perceptions of Muslims. 

Man Suspected In Alleged Trolley Hate Crime Attack Arrested

Police late Tuesday afternoon arrested a 26-year-old man described as a hate crime suspect who allegedly used a racial epithet during a recorded attack on a 17-year-old Syrian refugee while the two rode a San Diego trolley.

Muslim couple harassed and assaulted by ‘Trump supporter’ in U.S.

In pure Islamophobic fashion, the woman told the couple to “go back to your country.”

Banned By Twitter, Others For Islamophobia, Laura Loomer’s Running For Office

Conservative provocateur Laura Loomer has raised more than $154,000 towards her congressional campaign in South Florida – more than $50,000 more than her opponent, incumbent Rep. Lois Frankel, The Palm Beach Post reported Thursday.

How it feels to be branded a “letterbox” in the street because of Boris Johnson

The Welsh geneticist, Sahar Al-Faifi, on why she’s left cancer diagnostic labs for campaigning full-time against Islamophobia.

Teens hit with hate crime for allegedly assaulting Muslim school-safety agent

Two boys were arrested on hate-crime charges after attacking an off-duty school safety agent and mocking him for being Muslim, police said Wednesday.

Pols Demand Hate Crime Inquiry Into Muslim TJ Maxx Shopper Attack

Bay Ridge electeds want the NYPD’s hate crime task force to investigate a Muslim man’s complaints of a bias attack at a Brooklyn T. J. Maxx.

Two men arrested in Italy after attacking migrants with stones

Italian police has arrested two men in Foggia on hate crime charges. They allegedly threw stones at foreign farmworkers last summer., injuring several migrants.

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