Latest breaking news on Islamophobia

Картинки по запросу islamophobic

The most important news about Islamophobia in the world.

The terrifying reaction to a panel debate on Islamophobia

Have you ever wondered why so few moderate Muslim voices are heard in the public debate? I used to, until I started to defend my faith against its extremist defamers. I then found out that any Muslim who ventures into this arena to stand up against hardliners is subject to fierce and immediate character assassination.

All the Brexit Party general election candidates accused of Islamophobia

As the general election looms, Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party will field candidates to stand as MPs for the very first time. While they claim to campaign for Brexit, and not much else, investigations by Scram News have revealed that several Brexit Party candidates have strong views about another subject: Islam.

Check Out Book Launches for “Un-Canadian: Islamophobia in the True North” in Ottawa and Toronto

Author Graeme Truelove will be speaking in Ottawa (November 2, click here for details) and Toronto (November 16, click here for details) at book launches for his new work “Un-Canadian: Islamophobia in the True North”, published by Nightwood Editions.

Forum on Islamophobia, bigotry and hate takes place Saturday at St. Cloud State

Muslim students will share their stories Saturday at a nonprofit-hosted forum called: “Address Bigotry, Hate and Islamophobia in the Community.”

Radicalisation and Islamophobia: Poverty is the hidden cause

Speaking at a press conference on Sunday where he announced the death of the Islamic State group (IS) leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the US President Donald Trump threatened to “drop” captured IS fighters on the UK border if the government does not start repatriating them from Syrian camps.

Muslim headscarf debate divides France, in climate of hate

When a far-right French official disrupted a regional council meeting to demand that a Muslim woman accompanying a group of schoolchildren be ordered to remove her headscarf, “in the name of our secular principles,” her own child buried his head in her shoulder and cried.

Mandla Mandela calls for arrest of suspects who desecrated Muslim graves

Mandla Mandela has called for the arrest of those who destroyed 80 Muslim tombstones and graves in the Mowbray Muslim cemetery in Cape Town.

How Canada’s far right is using anti-Muslim propaganda to target Trudeau

Anti-Trudeau conspiracies are being disseminated in earnest ahead of the general election, echoing US ‘birthers’, who alleged Obama was ineligible for office or was secretly a Muslim

Hamas MP: Normalization is a crime against Islam

Hamas lawmaker Marwan Abu Ras, who heads the bloc of Hamas MPs in the Palestinian Arab parliament, said Sunday that normalization with the “occupying state”, a reference to Israel, is a crime against Islam which amounts to treason on the national level.

Refugees and migrants know the risks of stowing away on a lorry – but feel they must take them

It is still unclear what circumstances led to the deaths of 39 people who were found in the refrigerated trailer in a lorry park outside London…

US not expected to resettle any refugees in October: report

The U.S. is on track to not admit any refugees in October, following the cancellation of hundreds of flights intended to bring refugees to the country, CNN reported Tuesday.

Two men wounded by far-right gunman in French mosque shooting

Two men in their seventies have been shot by a fellow pensioner in the Basque region of France. They interrupted the man as he tried to set fire to a mosque. Police later arrested the suspect.

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