Latest breaking news on Islamophobia

Millenarianist vision in Europe being shaped by radical right, Islamophobia
Europe nears threshold to rearrange society to prevent Europeans from becoming transformed minoirty

Scotland told to ‘redouble’ efforts to get rid of Islamophobia

Islamophobia “an everyday issue” for Scottish Muslims
Islamophobia is an “everyday issue” for more than a third of Muslims in Scotland, a public inquiry has revealed.

Turkey urges unity to fight xenophobia, Islamophobia Deputy foreign minister condemns racist terror attack in Germany during his speech at UN Human Rights Counci

Bloomberg’s Democratic debate rivals must push him on Islamophobia ahead of South Carolina  Bloomberg’s method of policing Muslim Americans during his tenure as New York mayor hardly occurred in a vacuum.

An exodus of British Muslims is happening right under our noses – and still we’re asking whether Islamophobia exists
As normalised hate trickles from the top down in society, adults and children born and raised here have been left feeling like there’s no choice but to leave

Is Islamophobia on the rise in the UK?

Democrats silent on Mike Bloomberg’s long record of Islamophobia

You’re harming your brothers and sisters: Muslim-American politician slammed for Israel visit
Charles Fall’s trip was funded by a pro-Israel organisation that has ties to ‘the Islamophobia network in America’

Germany now a ‘breeding country’ for far-right terrorism, Islamophobia Is there a shift from ‘arson’ to an era of massacres? Its intelligence services carries them out, covers them up through racists! Was the far-right controlled by Germany’s John Bass? Federal Prosecution will close this case too.

Turkey: Parliament head slams Macron over Islamophobia
French president said he will stop practice of bringing in Muslim preachers from foreign countries

Man convicted of murder, hate crimes in 2017 stabbings on Oregon commuter train. Man convicted of murder, hate crime in 2017 stabbings in Oregon

Islamophobia & American Elections Recent studies indicate that nearly half of Americans believe Islam is incompatible with U.S. values. What’s America’s relationship with one of the world’s oldest religions?

Scots Muslim lifts lid on racist abuse she has faced for practising her religion Linsay Taylor has endured racism on the street and after using public transport

Woman speaks out after alleged Islamic hate crime A Muslim woman in Jackson is speaking out after she claims she was attacked because of her religion while walking her dog.

Was it a hate crime? New documentary explores the murder of 3 young Muslims in NC
A new documentary explores the murder of three young Muslims who were shot in their North Carolina apartment and whether it was a hate crime.

Group calls for hate crime probe over racist campus graffiti at Virginia university The Council on American Islamic Relations said in an email that it asked the school to look into an incident in which racist graffiti was written on the door of an African American student.

Yemen war: Saudi-led coalition forces face trials over violations The Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen says it has begun judicial proceedings against military personnel suspected of violating international humanitarian law.

Saudi Arabia: Specialized Criminal Court a political tool to muzzle critical voices
A new report published by Amnesty International today exposes how despite all their rhetoric of reforms, the Saudi authorities are using the Specialized Criminal Court (SCC) as a weapon to systematically silence dissent.

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