Latest breaking news on Islamophobia

Trump claimed, without evidence, that mosques could get special treatment in the coronavirus lockdown — prompting accusations of Islamophobia

President Donald Trump on Saturday claimed that mosques might be receiving special treatment in the coronavirus lockdown — a claim critics say will stir Islamophobic hostility towards Muslims.

Opinion: How Islamophobia originated in the west?

Ahmad Ali Naqvi, lecturer in Political Science at PU, offers an interesting critique of a recently published article, by Saleha Anwar, in Global Village Space (GVS). He argues that Islamophobia is the result of several factors ranging from abrupt end to the Cold War and the rise of identity politics in the west. Will be an interesting and provocative read for students of Political Science, International Relations and CSS aspirants.

Adam Driver’s US Army Intent & ‘islamophobia’ Row Resurfaces Again Despite Clarification

Adam Driver, who is known for being vocal about his views, recently hit headlines for remarks he had made citing on the 9/11 terror attack

Blood Brothers #33: COVID-19 has emboldened the global Islamophobia industry

In this episode of the Blood Brothers Podcast, Dilly Hussain speaks with journalist, author and anti-Islamophobia activist CJ Werleman.

Turkish mosque turned into temporary ‘supermarket’

At the entrance of an Istanbul mosque, the racks usually reserved for the shoes of the faithful are loaded with pasta packages, oil bottles, biscuits — like a supermarket.

UAE princess hits out against Islamophobic posts by Indian expats

Princess Hend Al-Qassimi of the UAE has spoken out against Islamophobic social media posts by an Indian expat working in the Emirates.

OIC body urges India to halt Islamophobia amid COVID-19

Coronavirus outbreak exacerbates Islamophobia in India, intensifying anti-Muslim campaigns

Coronavirus: ‘Dangerous’ conspiracy theories could spark wave of Islamophobic attacks when lockdown lifts, report warns

Exclusive: Report raises concern that online hate could translate into attacks when restrictions lift

Richa Chadha on Islamophobic tweet by a Dubai resident

The actress posted a cautionary message about hate having serious consequences

Scooping low: World media uses the coronavirus to fuel Islamophobic tropes

From prominent London-based publications like The Economist to the cartoonist of India’s left-leaning newspaper The Hindu, the editorial judgements reek of anti-Muslim hatred.

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