Anti-Muslim flyer taped to UNC Charlotte student’s door


HARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – A flyer with a derogatory message towards Muslims was posted on a student’s door inside a residence hall at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, the school confirmed Thursday.

According to UNC Charlotte’s Associate Director for Media Relations Buffie Stephens, the anti-Muslim flyer was posted on a suite door inside the Wallis Hall dorm on Sunday.

Stephens said the school’s staff went into immediate motion once they were notified of the flyer. Stephens believes the staff was made aware of the flyer through posts on social media.

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“The Only Good Muslim Is a Dead Muslim”

A meatpacking town in Kansas opened its doors to Somali refugees. Then a group of Trump supporters plotted to kill them after Election Day.


On October 11, 2016, less than a month before Election Day, police in Liberal, Kansas, sat in their cruisers outside G&G Home Center, waiting for Curtis Allen to emerge. The mobile home dealership where Allen worked was nothing more than a prefab trailer hauled onto a patch of scrub grass along a remote stretch of Highway 83 on the outskirts of town. His GMC Yukon was sitting in the parking lot, so the officers felt certain that he was one of two men they could see moving around inside. When the men left in separate vehicles, police believed that Allen was in the Yukon—but it was getting dark and they had to be sure. After the trucks turned onto the highway, the officers signaled for both drivers to pull over.

The police had reason to be cautious. Less than an hour earlier, Allen’s girlfriend had called 911 to report that he had beaten her during an argument. When Sergeant Jeffrey Wade from the Liberal Police Department arrived to take a statement at the mobile home park where she and Allen lived, the woman showed him something unexpected: a room packed with handguns, gunsmithing tools, and boxes of ammunition stacked to the ceiling. Police later estimated that the trailer contained nearly a metric ton of bullets.

Now, with their lights flashing, officers warily approached the two vehicles on the highway shoulder. A search of Allen’s Yukon turned up magazines for AR-15s, AK-47s, and Glock handguns. Allen, who had an earlier conviction for domestic battery, was barred from possessing guns or ammunition; Liberal police arrested him on the spot. The other driver, Gavin Wright, Allen’s boss at G&G, was asked to submit voluntarily to a search of his Dodge Ram. He refused and was released.

Soon after, Liberal’s police chief was contacted by the FBI. It turned out that the bureau had been tracking Allen and Wright, as well as a third suspect named Patrick Stein, for months. The three men were the founders of a new anti-Muslim white supremacist group that called itself the Crusaders. As their inaugural act, the FBI said, the men were plotting to carry out a Timothy McVeigh–style bombing in Garden City, Kansas, about an hour north of Liberal. Their plan was to detonate two cargo vans loaded with massive amounts of ammonium nitrate in the parking lots of the Garden Spot Apartments, a sprawling complex straddling both sides of West Mary Street. The drab, one-story units were inhabited primarily by Somalis and other refugees, who had come to Garden City to work at the nearby Tyson meatpacking plant.

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The unintended consequences of hate


The pickup truck was following her. Dr. Sarah felt nervous but tried to convince herself it was just her imagination. He couldn’t possibly know she was a Muslim, particularly since she was not wearing the optional hijab, the traditional Islamic head-cover to indicate modesty.

She pulled into the parking lot and got out of her car. The pickup slowed. As she crossed the street to get to her office, the driver, a middle-aged white man, rolled down the window and screamed at her: “Go back home!”

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Vulgar anti-Muslim and racist images posted in UNCC dorms

UNC Charlotte’s student body president and vice president expressed solidarity with Muslim students after they said vulgar images targeting racial and religious minorities were displayed in two on-campus residence halls.

Over the past two weeks, such images were found twice in the halls, student body president Tracey Allsbrook and vice president Bryan McCollom said in a statement on Twitter and Facebook. Both images have been removed and are being investigated by the university, according to Allsbrook and McCollom.

“We believe in a campus community that welcomes people from all backgrounds,” the students said in their statement. “We reject discrimination and/or bigotry being directed at anyone, on the basis of their race, religion, sex, gender, disability and all other identities. “We want to express our solidarity especially with our Muslim student population who were targeted in the most recent of the two incidents.”


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Making our Schools Safe for Muslim Students in a Climate of Hate


There’s a survey highlighting that a large number of Muslim students are being bullied at school. Our school district picks up on it and looks at ways to make them feel safe on their campuses. And before you can say “Way to go!” to the school system, a bunch of hateful folks come up with some “reverse discrimination” kind of BS.

They whine about those students being given “special treatment.” They blabber about the schools surrendering to Sharia law and caving into demands made by the Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). They claim falsely that CAIR is a “covert supporter of Islamic fundamentalism rather than a supporter of a reformed Islam compatible with the Constitution and laws of the United States.”

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Anti-Muslim Extremist Is Training Police In Arizona

By Christopher Mathias

John Guandolo says there’s a secret Muslim plot to take over the U.S., and Muslims are buying up gas stations to prepare for a “jihad.”


An anti-Muslim bigot and conspiracy theorist is being paid thousands of dollars in public funds this week to train Arizona law enforcement officers about the “jihadi” threat in the U.S., despite calls for the training to be canceled.

The Mesa Police Department is hosting John Guandolo ― a disgraced former FBI agent with deep ties to anti-Muslim hate groups ― at a police facility for a three-day seminar titled, “Understanding and Investigating the Jihadi Network.”

The Council on American-Islamic Relations this month launched an online petition ― now with more than 2,000 signatures ― calling for the training to be canceled, citing Guandolo’s record of pushing “bigoted” and “downright bizarre” theories about Muslims in the U.S.

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Anti-Muslim Google Searches Indicate Rise in “Islamophobia”


On his latest Freakonomics podcast episode, journalist and a personal hero of mine Stephen Dubner interviewed the philosopher/economist Seth Stephens-Davidowitz. The author of the recently published “Everybody Lies” tackled the issue of post-terrorist attack speeches and how effective they were to convince an audience. His method was simple: he gathered and crunched sets of data from Google Searches before, during, and after the president addressed the nation. Then, he checked whether some specific keywords increased as a result of the attack.

What he uncovered was truly terrifying: in the aftermath of a radical-Muslim terrorist attack, Stephens-Davidowitz found “a direct correlation between anti-Muslim searches [like ‘Kill all Muslims’, ‘Hate Muslims’, etc.  on Google] and anti-Muslim hate crimes […] if our model is right, Islamophobia and thus anti-Muslim hate crimes are currently higher than at any time since the immediate aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks”.

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