Leader of Nigel Farage’s party resigns over anti-Islam messages

Catherine Blaiklock sent racist posts and retweeted those of far-right figures before joining Brexit party


The leader of the new pro-Brexit party backed by Nigel Farage abruptly resigned on Wednesday after the Guardian asked her about a series of deleted anti-Islam Twitter messages sent before she took on the role.

Catherine Blaiklock, the leader of the Brexit party, repeatedly retweeted posts from far-right figures as well as sending her own messages. Among the messages she shared was one by Mark Collett, a former British National party (BNP) activist, referring to “white genocide”.

The term is often used in extreme rightwing and racist online activism of the sort seen as having inspired the terrorist who killed 50 people last week at mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand.

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Far-right anti-Muslim stickers found covering street in town


“There are people who live here who come from multi-cultural backgrounds so it is shocking to know that they are here and could cause offence”

Stickers bearing far-right messages have appeared on the streets of an East Midlands town.

Slogans including ‘Reject multiculturalism’ and ‘Stop building Mosques in Britain’ have been seen on road signs, lamp posts and bus stops in .

Derbyshire Live reports several of the small blue stickers – which include the England flag – were on display in Loscoe Road.

They appear to be from a group called “British Movement” and a website for them is stated below the slogan.

One woman, who did not wish to give her name, said: “I wasn’t aware of the stickers. I think they are shocking and upsetting.

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Police chief slams Muslim fitness class death threats


Racist abuse heaped upon a trainer who set up a fitness class aimed at Muslim woman has been branded “utterly disgraceful” by a police chief.

Bianca Jade said she has had death threats since putting up posters showing a woman in a hijab holding a pair of weights.

Ms Jade, who is not a Muslim, said she has also been sent racist slurs and been told to “watch her back”.

Nottinghamshire Police is investigating the “shocking” abuse.

Fitness instructor Ms Jade, 30, said she created the classes for women to “get fit in a comfortable environment, without worrying about being self-conscious”.

While the sessions are targeted at Muslim women, she said all ladies were welcome to join.

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