‘Islamophobia’ Professor Claims to Be Victim of ‘Islamophobic’ Attack

Картинки по запросу 'Islamophobia'

“I know that Flying While Brown has always been a concern. But now Landing While Brown is also frightening.” So says Khaled Beydoun, a Muslim who claims he was victimized on and after a Delta flight last week. An interesting detail of the story is that Beydoun is a key “Islamophobia” propagandist: he is “Associate Professor of Law at the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law and Senior Affiliated Faculty at the University of California-Berkeley Islamophobia Research and Documentation Project,” according to his bio. He is the author of a book entitled American Islamophobia: Understanding the Roots and Rise of Fear.Continue Reading

How to tackle Islamophobia – the best strategies from around Europe

A growing body of research points to the proliferation of Islamophobia across Europe in recent years. In the UK, record numbers of Islamophobic hate crimes were recorded in 2017, and across the continent there have been similar findings on the growth of explicit Islamophobia.Continue Reading

Despite the slaughter in Yemen, Britain is still chasing arms sales


Defence contractors are in Abu Dhabi this week for the Middle East’s biggest arms fair – supported to the hilt by UK ministers.

Khaleeji bagpipe band, a colourful aircraft display, a performance by the Armenian Military Orchestra and a big show of support from the Emirate royal families. These were some of the touches at Sunday’s opening ceremony for the International Defence Exhibition and Conference (Idex 2019) in Abu Dhabi, the Middle East’s biggest arms fair.

It’s a decadent and distasteful celebration of militarism and weaponry. Missiles, rifles, tanks, helicopters and warships are on display for anyone that can afford them. More than 100,000 people will attend this week, including representatives from all of the world’s biggest arms companies and military delegates from 57 nations. Among those looking to do business is the UK government, which has sent a team of civil servants to support UK arms company reps in doing as much business as possible. Particularly with the uncertainty of Brexit on the horizon, they will pull out all stops to cement sales.

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Islamophobia behind far-right rise in UK


Islamophobia has become the driving force behind the rise of far-right movements in the UK, according to an anti-racism charity.

Hope Not Hate says anti-Muslim prejudice has replaced immigration as the “key driver” of the groups.

A report from the charity carries a poll suggesting 35% third of Britons thought Islam was “generally a threat to the British way of life”.

This compares with 30% who thought it was compatible.

The State of Hate report blames the 2017 terror attacks in London and Manchester for a “lasting negative impact” on attitudes towards Muslims.

It says while the number of people arrested over terror-related offences in 2018 was down on the previous year, the UK was witnessing a growing threat of far-right terrorism.

The report refers to the threat of lone-wolf terrorists and right-wing extremists, who are getting radicalised over the internet.

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Report: One in three in UK say Islam threatens British culture

Britain Attack

A new report finds that about 35 percent of British people think that Islam is a threat to the British way of life in the wake of 2017 terrorist attacks and that anti-Semitism on the political left is an increasing issue in the U.K.

The anti-fascist group Hope Not Hate’s annual “The State of Hate” report, published Monday (Feb. 18), based on a survey of 10,383 Brits conducted in July last year, found that anti-Muslim prejudice has hardened in the past eight years and, among far-right groups, supplanted fears of increasing immigration.

Among Britons who voted for the center-right governing Conservative Party in 2017, nearly half — about 49 percent — agreed that Islam threatens British culture in the more recent study. About 22 percent of those who support Britain’s main opposition Labour Party agreed.

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‘Beware of Muslim rape gangs’ appear in windows of people’s homes


Police have launched an investigation after racist anti-immigration propaganda was found plastered on people’s front doors. Residents in St Ives, reported the stickers to police on Monday morning after spotting them in the windows of their homes and lampposts in the Cambridgeshire town. Pictures of the stickers show messages including: ‘Beware of rape gangs’ and ‘Mass immigration is white genocide’.

Other stickers said: ‘Diversity means no white countries, cities, neighbourhoods or people.’ and ‘Second generation? Third, fourth? You have to go back.’

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UK army permitted killing civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan


A report has found that the British army allowed soldiers to shoot and kill unarmed civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan for activities defined as suspicious such as those holding a mobile telephone or a shovel.

An investigation by the Middle East Eye established that British soldiers killed a number of children and teenage boys suspected of keeping them under surveillance, the online news outlet reported Monday.

It quoted two former soldiers as saying that troops in southern Iraq were told “they had permission to shoot anyone seen holding a mobile telephone, carrying a shovel, or acting in any way suspiciously.”

The decision came in part due to concerns that unarmed people were acting as spotters, known to all of the former soldiers as “dickers,” for militants or were involved in planting roadside bombs, the report said.

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