Anti-Muslim Activist Laura Loomer Banned From CPAC After Harassing Reporters


The Conservative Political Action Conference banned anti-Muslim provocateur Laura Loomer from its final day on Saturday, after she used her media credentials to harass reporters.

Loomer has risen to prominence on the right through a practice she calls “Loomering,” in which she aggressively confronts or heckles public figures. On Friday, Loomer badgered reporters at CPAC with a camera crew, using her media pass to enter the media filing area to pursue reporters from CNN and other outlets after they had already declined to speak with her.

Loomer and CPAC didn’t respond to requests for comment.

The CPAC ban is just the latest ban for Loomer, who has already been booted from a number of services. Loomer has been kicked off of Twitter, PayPal, Uber, Lyft, and even food delivery app Uber Eats for her attacks on Muslims, which included calling for a ride-hailing app that wouldn’t employ Muslims.

After harassing reporters on Friday, Loomer was refused access to the event on Saturday, according to a video she posted on YouTube. In the clip, Loomer attempts to convince CPAC security guards to let her into the conference anyway.

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Woman filmed launching into racist tirade against Muslim woman: ‘Get the f*** back to your country’

A Muslim woman outside a Texas supermarket was told to ‘get the f**k’ back’ to her country by customer in the parking area.

Mai Mohamed’s friend Fatima Loughlin-Saleh uploaded a video of the racist incident on her Facebook page. Mohamed, who is Egyptian and a teacher in America, had been filling up her water bottle outside of a Kroger shop when she came across a woman who appeared to have a problem with her hijab.

The woman began her racist attack by calling Mohamed “ugly,” and it quickly escalated. The woman is videoed showing her middle finger to Mohamed, and proceeded to scream expletives, and told her to “go back to your f**king country.”

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Muslim college students threatened after inviting journalist to speak at NC college


Muslim students at a North Carolina university welcomed a journalist to speak on campus Monday night, but the event took place after a death threat had been issued.

The Wingate University Muslim Students Association invited Noor Tagouri to the N.C. school for a lecture billed “Speak Your Truth: Breaking Barriers Through Storytelling,” according to a Facebook event page.

Before the event was held, someone made a threat to anyone in attendance.

“I hope anyone who does, dies today. And yeah, march your little self on over there and good luck living through it!” read the comment that was called a “hate crime” and shared by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR.

Following the threat, there was increased security for Tagouri’s appearance, including a presence from Wingate police, WSOC reported.

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People of La Crosse decry hate crime targeting Muslim business owner


About 100 people rallied Friday to denounce hate crime in La Crosse.
La Crosse Interfaith Shoulder to Shoulder Network, La Crosse Area Showing Up for Racial Justice and University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Campus Climate hosted the event, One Community One Family — Hate Has No Business Here, at the Bullet Cab company.

Mayor Tim Kabat, Assistant Police Chief Rob Abraham, the La Crosse Fire Department, other members of the city of La Crosse Police Department and other organizations attended the rally, along with the owner of the company, Mian “Mike” Ahmad, who is a Muslim, and general manager Linda Devenport.

“This racist and Islamaphobic incident did occur. We have to accept that because doing anything less would be minimizing the pain and seriousness of the incident,” said Wale Elegbede, one of the founding members of the La Crosse Interfaith Shoulder to Shoulder Network, after racist graffiti was spray-painted on the business’s garage along State Road.
“I don’t think we can put it into words just how terrible and despicable that act was,” Kabat said during the rally.

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California man faces hate crime charges after attack on convenience store clerk he thought was Muslim


A man who claims to hate Muslims is facing multiple charges after punching and throwing a hot cup of coffee at a Sikh clerk of a 7-Eleven store in Marysville, California on Saturday.

The suspect, identified as John Crain, reportedly tried to leave the store without paying, triggering a confrontation.

In the security footage, Crain is seen tossing a drink at the male Sikh clerk before punching him in the face and fleeing the premises.

The clerk suffered burn injuries as the drink turned out to be hot coffee, which Crain had prepared to take out for free.

Additionally, the clerk sustained a contusion on his face after receiving punches from the suspect.

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Witnesses Say Muslim Man Was Killed in Islamophobic Attack in Indiana


An Indiana man was taken into custody on a preliminary murder charge after a road rage incident last weekend, during which witnesses said he yelled religious and ethnic insults at a Muslim-American man before shooting and killing him. However, there is no opportunity under current law for Passarelli to be charged with a hate crime despite witnesses alleging that he hurled xenophobic slurs at the victim and told him to “get out” of the country, because Indiana is one of the few states left without such laws.

A police report obtained by Fox 59 alleges that 33-year old Dustin Passarelli got into a road rage incident with 32-year-old Mustafa Ayoubi on the night of Saturday, February 16. Passarelli told police that a car he claimed to be Ayoubi’s “aggressively” drove behind him, and that he thought someone “threw something at his car or hit his car.” Passarelli then proceeded to follow Ayoubi to an apartment complex where Ayoubi was meeting his friends, and said he did so because he wanted to get Ayoubi’s insurance information in case there was damage to his car.

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Trial of man accused of yelling anti-Muslim slurs at woman on Orange Line begins Wednesday

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Opening statements in the trial of a man accused of yelling anti-muslim slurs at a woman during a “tirade” on the Orange Line in 2017 are expected Wednesday, the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office confirmed.Continue Reading