Why are Polish non-Muslims so wrong about Polish Muslims


The recent Ipsos survey Perils of Perception showed that most countries believe their population is much more Muslim than it actually is. But the Poles emerge as the unquestionable leader in these overestimations. Although Muslims make up only around 35,000 of a 38 million population, Poles believe that their number is actually 2.6 million, which would make the Polish Muslim population one of the largest in the European Union after France, Germany and the UK.

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Muslim woman spat on while eating in restaurant says female race hate victims must speak out

‘It’s important for Muslim women themselves to have a voice in this narrative and actually set the record straight that we aren’t the threat,’ says Nahella Ashraf.


A Muslim woman who was racially assaulted and spat on by a stranger in a restaurant has urged more female Muslims who have experienced hate crime to speak out.

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Affirming Our State As ‘Hate Free’

On Dec. 19, I joined local leaders to renew the declaration that Washington state is a “hate-free zone.” As an American-Muslim woman and the executive director of the American Muslim Empowerment Network (AMEN), a new initiative of the Muslim Association of Puget Sound (MAPS), this event had special significance to me. In the month preceding the press conference, maps had its sign viciously attacked twice in clear acts of hate. And I personally have experienced acts of ignorance and hate, while some of my friends have faced physical attacks and assaults, simply on account of our religion.

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