Muslims victim of hate culture in Europe: Activist


Amnesty International has warned that new counter-terrorism laws in Europe discriminate against Muslims and refugees and push the green continent into a deep and dangerous situation of securitization. The new regulations, adopted in 14 member states of the European Union, expose the minorities to unchecked government surveillance. The EU resorts to a series of terrorist attacks in Paris, Berlin and other European cities to justify a loose definition of terrorism.

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Anti-Muslim bigotry is real

I believe that the term “Islamophobia” is very problematic because it conflates and confuses the criticism on Islam with anti-Muslim bigotry


It is true beyond any doubt that the anti-Muslim bigotry in West has witnessed a significant spike since the attack on Twin Towers in 2001. New data from researchers at California State University, San Bernardino, shows that hate crimes against American Muslims increased by 78 percent over the course of 2015. There were 257 incidents of anti-Muslim bias in 2015, compared with 154 in the previous year. The number is second only to the surge in hate crimes following the 9/11 attacks in 2001 when 481 incidents against Muslims were reported.

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How Somali Muslims Are Raising a 10,000-Person Anti-Hate Army

The large refugee community in Minnesota is a big target for bigotry, and tensions are expected to get worse. But they’ve got a plan.


In November 2015, Asma Jama, a Somali-born woman living in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, was waiting for her pasta alfredo at Applebee’s, chatting in Swahili with her family, when she was confronted by Jodie Burchard-Risch. Burchard-Risch demanded that Jama speak English or go home. Then, she smashed her beer mug in Jama’s face.

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Muslim Americans Ready to Resist Trump Bigly!

The Trump ascendance is like the post-9/11 era for U.S. Muslims—except it’s different, because this time we’re ready for the backlash.


In the months after the 9/11 attacks, countless Muslim Americans went into “hiding.” They Americanized their names, stopped talking publicly about being Muslim and even avoided attending Muslim community events. On some level it was understandable. There had been a surge in hate crimes against Muslim Americans in the aftermath of 9/11 and there was a great deal of uncertainty and fear.

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FBI’s pre-election sweep of Muslim Americans raises surveillance fears

Council of American Islamic Relations received about 100 reports of FBI agents visiting homes before Trump’s win, asking about personal details and al-Qaida


On the Friday afternoon before the presidential election, Ahmed was at home with his family in Texas, when he heard a knock at the door. He answered in an undershirt and shorts, and found two men who were dressed casually. It was the FBI.

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