Two US Mosques Get Hate Notes Calling For ‘Slaughter Of Muslims’

“I will pay $100 to charity for every Muslim slaughtered.”


WASHINGTON — Two mosques in the US state of Maryland have received threatening letters calling for the ‘slaughter of Muslims’, in apparent hate crime incidents.

Two Islamic centres in Silver Spring and Maryland received violent threats by mail.
The president of the Islamic Education Society discovered an envelope inside a mailbox on Monday containing a threatening note, the Council on American-Islamic Relations said.

Police said this incident is being investigated as a possible hate crime.

The faithful at the mosque are still reeling after the terrifying message was dropped in their mailbox.

“It’s heartbreaking, but we can’t control anything. I don’t know what in their mind they want to do,” Taiyab Mohiudden, trustee of the Islamic Education Society of Maryland, was quoted as saying by CBS Baltimore.

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Dutch Muslims react as far-right MP threatens to close mosques

The 53-year-old Wilders has courted controversy with his hardline anti-Islam, anti-immigrant stance and his incendiary insults against Moroccans and Turks.


HUNDREDS OF DUTCH citizens met at an Amsterdam mosque to show solidarity with the country’s Muslim population, as an anti-Islam MP again vowed to shut mosques and ban the Koran should he win upcoming elections.

Some 200 people representing a broad coalition against racism in The Netherlands gathered at the central Al-Kabir mosque, saying they were deeply worried about the rise of discrimination against Muslims in the European country.

“It’s very important that we make our voice heard. We as a Muslim community pose no danger whatsoever to society,” said Najem Ouladali, one of the organisers of the meeting which also included members of Amsterdam’s gay and lesbian community.

“In fact, we are victims too of Islamic extremism,” added another speaker, Abdou Menebhi, who chairs a Moroccan organisation in The Netherlands.

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Sikh man in Kent says he was told, ‘Go back to your own country’ before he was shot

Kent police look for gunman who allegedly walked onto victim’s driveway and shot him in the arm; Sikh community sees rise in abuse.


Kent police are looking for a gunman who allegedly walked onto a man’s driveway and shot him, saying “Go back to your own country.”

The victim, a 39-year-old Sikh man, was working on his vehicle in his driveway in Kent’s East Hill neighborhood about 8 p.m. Friday when he was approached by an unknown man, Kent police said, after talking with the victim.
An altercation followed, with the victim saying the suspect made statements to the effect of “Go back to your own country.” The victim was shot in the arm.

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Oklahoma Lawmaker Allegedly Issues ‘Quiz’ to Muslim Constituents

The document asked the respondents whether they believed in ‘Sharia law,’ among other questions.


The executive director of the Oklahoma chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) has accused a state lawmaker of refusing to meet with Muslim constituents unless they first answer a questionnaire described as anti-Muslim.

Adam Soltani published a video on 2 March 2017 displaying the document, which he said was handed out by Republican Rep. John Bennett’s office in Oklahoma City. Soltani was joined by two people in the video who said they also received the questionnaire.

“His secretary stated that we could make an appointment with him once we answered all of those questions,” an unidentified woman says, recounting her experience.

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Bomb threat targets Muslim students at Concordia


Early on Wednesday March 1, several media outlets in Montreal received a bomb threat claiming to be from the “Council of Concerned Citizens of Canada,” a white supremacist organization also known as C4. The threat, delivered via email, explained that “small […] amateur explosive devices” had been placed in two buildings at Concordia University with the intent of harming Muslim students. Later that morning, McGill’s CKUT radio station received an email from the same group, which promised to “spread [their] fight to McGill too.”

So far, only one suspect, 47 year old Hisham Saadi, has been arrested in relation to the bomb threat at Concordia: he has been charged with mischief, issuing a death threat, and inciting fear of a terrorist attack.

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Case of Hate Crime at Zappy Pizza in Rolando Goes to Trial

Three men are charged with felony hate crime after punching a man in a San Diego pizza shop who spoke out against verbal attacks on two Muslim customers.


When Terrance Crow Jr. walked into Zappy Pizza in Rolando on Oct. 30, he immediately began loudly proclaiming his patriotism and how he despised Muslims, according to eyewitnesses who testified this week in a San Diego courtroom.

Crow was joined by Scott Peretti in a verbal attack against two customers, the eyewitness told San Diego Superior Court Judge Leo Valentine. One of the eyewitnesses and the alleged victim, identified as John Smith by the court in order to protect him against reprisals, said “as soon as they saw the two women waiting for pizza, they started making comments about them.”

The two women were described as young Muslims wearing traditional Muslim dress, including headdresses.

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German school bans Muslim pupils from publicly praying

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A school in Germany’s western city of Wuppertal has ordered teachers to prevent Muslim pupils from publicly praying.

“In recent weeks it has been increasingly observed that Muslim pupils in the school building are praying, clearly visible to others, signaled by ritual washings in the toilets, the rolling out of prayer mats, and taking up certain postures,” the school of Gymnasium Johannes Rau said in a written internal note.

“This is not permitted,” added the note.

Der Westen newspaper initially reported the news on Thursday.

The school also called on the staff to “identify the names” and “report” any cases of Muslim students praying in school to management.

The move by the German school has met both criticism and praise.

Over the past months, Germany has witnessed a rise in hate crimes against refugees and Muslims, following Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open-door policy regarding asylum seekers arriving in the country mainly from violence-torn states in the Middle East and Africa.

Since the beginning of 2016, refugee shelters across Germany have reportedly come under 650 xenophobic attacks.

Muslims make up nearly five percent of the total population of Germany, which is home to some four million Muslims.