FBI’s pre-election sweep of Muslim Americans raises surveillance fears

Council of American Islamic Relations received about 100 reports of FBI agents visiting homes before Trump’s win, asking about personal details and al-Qaida


On the Friday afternoon before the presidential election, Ahmed was at home with his family in Texas, when he heard a knock at the door. He answered in an undershirt and shorts, and found two men who were dressed casually. It was the FBI.

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94% of hate crimes against South Asians motivated by anti-Muslim sentiment, report says

94% of hate crimes against South Asians motivated by anti-Muslim sentiment, report says
140 incidents of hate violence of which 94% were influenced from anti-Muslim sentiment.
Source: SAALT


The South Asian Americans Leading Together published a report on Wednesday documenting hate violence against South Asian, Arab, Middle Eastern, Sikh, Hindu and Muslim communities from November 2015 to November 2016.

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Why are Polish non-Muslims so wrong about Polish Muslims


The recent Ipsos survey Perils of Perception showed that most countries believe their population is much more Muslim than it actually is. But the Poles emerge as the unquestionable leader in these overestimations. Although Muslims make up only around 35,000 of a 38 million population, Poles believe that their number is actually 2.6 million, which would make the Polish Muslim population one of the largest in the European Union after France, Germany and the UK.

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