London Muslims ‘scared to leave homes’ amid online panic over acid attacks


Rampant reports of acid attacks targeting Muslims are being shared online across the British capital this week, with accompanying warnings for “people of Asian appearance” to be vigilant.

This follows an acid attack in east London last week that left an aspiring model and her cousin with life-changing injuries and is now being treated as a hate crime.

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Man jailed for hate attack on Muslim women in London

Alex Chivers, who attacked mother and daughter while shouting ‘Isil scum’, jailed for six months for racially aggravated common assault


A man who launched an Islamophobic attack on two Muslim women while being filmed by his friend has been jailed.

Alex Chivers, 36, struck one of his victims with an open packet of bacon and shouted “You deserve this” during the assault on the mother and daughter in Enfield, north London, at about 4.40pm on 8 June.

He also made reference to Islamic State when he shouted “Isil scum” at one of the women.

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Google — anti-Muslim websites


If you were to do an internet search for the word “Islam,” you’d often get the following search suggestions on Google — anti-Muslim websites, lies about the religion, and other pieces of negative information. That’s what a new report is suggesting, as a Dallas-based imam has an interesting strategy to kill the hate with kindness, so to say — posting accurate information on Islam to hopefully influence the tech giant’s search engine algorithm.

According to the Huffington Post, Muslim-American imam and Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research founder Omar Suleiman, 30, is hoping to replace the hate propaganda and lies with truthful articles about Islam. The idea came to him a few years ago, when he discovered that right-wing groups were oftentimes making generalizations about the world’s Muslim populace, based on the statements and actions of the Islamic State.

Generally, searching for the words “Muslim or “Islam” will yield benign search results linking to credible websites. But as an example of how Google could suggest anti-Muslim results, the Huffington Post pointed out that users would often see Islamophobic websites when searching for words such as “sharia,” “jihad,” and “taqiyya,” three words that the HuffPost believes are often misused and “co-opted” by white supremacist groups.

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Threatening Letter With Anti-Muslim Abuse & a Hanging Person Sent to Post Office


This note, with dabs of red ink, was left at a local post office in an attempt to intimidate the owners of it. The material is also with the police and the event has clearly shaken up the owners of the post office given the threats that are made in the paper.

The individual took time to cut out words from a newspaper and at the side of the document is a picture of a person with ‘Allah bastards’ written across it.

Emblazoned across the document are the following words,

“Get Out. You Paky (sic) Muslims, pig faced murderous cowardly bastards. Murdering young children. Watch out I will come and kill your family.”



Anti-Muslim protest planned for Calgary on Sunday


An anti-Muslim protest, that has been denied a permit, will be taking place this weekend in Calgary.

There was a lot of tension when members of Calgary’s Islamic community faced off with the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam a few weeks ago at City Hall.

Saima Jamal attended that rally and said the interaction was disturbing to watch.

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Almost 500 dead in month of US-led Syria strikes


Airstrikes targeting the “Islamic State” group in Syria have left 472 civilians dead over the past month, a monitor says. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says the figure is more than double the previous month.

Aerial bombardments in Syria carried out by the international coalition against “Islamic State” (IS) saw the highest civilian death toll for a single month since they began in September 2014, a group monitoring the Syrian conflict said on Friday.

The airstrikes left 472 civilians dead between May 23 and June 23, more than double the number killed in the previous 30-day toll (225 civilians), the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. The death toll included 137 children.

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US police investigate 2 possible hate crimes against mosques


SACRAMENTO, California: Authorities in California are investigating two possible hate crimes against Islamic centers in Sacramento and Davis.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department says it is investigating an incident at Masjid Annur Islamic Center in Sacramento. Officials say a deputy was waved down by a citizen Saturday afternoon and was led to a burned Qur’an filled with bacon, hanging by a handcuff from a fence.

The Sacramento Bee reports that in a separate incident someone driving by in a car threw pages torn out of a Qur’an into the Islamic Center of Davis Friday night, during evening prayer.

In January, a woman broke windows at the mosque and left bacon strips on the entrance handles.

The woman, 30-year-old Lauren Kirk-Coehlo, recently received five years’ probation after pleading guilty to a felony hate crime.